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Our gate automation systems allow your existing gates to be an impressive front line defence for both privacy and security.

Increasing numbers of homeowners and businesses are finding that electric gates are not only desirable, but now very affordable. Many driveways have manual gates fitted at their entrances but often, for convenience these gates remain open. At the press of a button, automated gates will open as the householder pulls up to the drive. Once inside they will close automatically.

Businesses benefit from installing barrier systems, as this is an effective way of controlling access though an open entrance rather than installing gates.DSCI0122 (640x640)

Installing additional safety features will ensure your gate system is safe for the elderly, children and pets to be near when in operation.

ESS observes all safety and current installation standards on every project.

Already have an existing system?

We have tailored maintenance packages and discounted call outs that will keep your system serviced and fully operational at all times. Please see the maintenance page for details.